9ft Almond Long board (Pinwheel model, Pin Tail, Single Fin)

$1,250.00 $999.00

H “9”

W 21″ 1/2″

T 2″ 3/4″

California Shaped Almond Longboard (Pinwheel model)

Narrower and more progressive than other longboard models. The down-rail and pulled-in rounded pintail make the Pinwheel a favorite for lighter-weight surfers and those looking to get a little more responsiveness out of their turns. Much more rail-to-rail sensitivity than a heavier log.

BEST FOR: Waves with a bit more oomph, and surfers who want more all-around surfing out of their longboard.


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Shaper of board


Size of board

09ft 01in to 10ft

Surfboard fin system


Type of tail

rounded pin