Robin Johnston

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Used Surfboards Hawaii: Where did you grow up?

Robin Johnston: I grew up on Oahu and was taught to surf at age 5 by my mother. It is through her that I have Royal Hawaiian ancestry and I am proud that she still regularly surfs today.


Used Surfboards Hawaii: Did you ever compete professionally?

Robin Johnston: I have competed on the WQS tour, in Triple Crown events and qualified for the 2000 Pipe Masters Trials. In the Stand Up World Tour I was ranked 4th in 2010, 5th in 2011 and 4th in 2012.


Robin getting some tube time.


Used Surfboards Hawaii: How long have you been shaping boards now?

Robin Johnston: I began shaping in 1999 and shape all of the boards which I ride. I build custom boards that will specifically suit the customer and his needs.


Robin in the shaping room


Used Surfboards Hawaii: Do you only work with traditional polyurethane?

Robin Johnston: I am working with all types of materials and construction (various epoxies and p/u). The sky is the limit with my long, short, gun, fish and SUP designs!


Used Surfboards Hawaii: Thank you for your time Robin and keep producing great boards!

Robin Johnston: Thank you!

R. Johnston performance fish

R. Johnston funboard



Rex Kashinoki

Born and raised in Hawaii
  • Diving and Fishing from 8 years old
  • Surfing over 40years
  • Competition Surfing over 18 years
  • Professional contest 3 years in Japan 1977-1979
  • Built his first surfboard in 1970
  • Designed Boards for over 22 years
  • Shaping since 1970, but learning and inspired by so many along the way

 Riders past and present:
Shane Herring – born and bred Dee Why boy, was recently considered by tracks surfing    magazine 40th anniversary issue as one of the most influencual surfers of the decade along with Kelly Slater. There was no doubt that in surfing history was a definate changing of the guards.
Tara Ryan in Australia, competitor and Wayne’s eldest that calls me “Uncle Rex”.
Hop Tong Smith, creative and fierce competitor from Oahu’s Westside, rode my Mantarex Design      
as a 5’2”x 17” Twin Fin in 2001! West-side Makaha, full package of tricks, will make anyone have a    seat, to see highest levels surfing at it’s best! Exciting and Unpredictable Surfing! Skate ramp, airs, huge figure 8’s, with speed that passes others on the fly!
Pohaku Stone
Hiram Johnson, In his 40’s, West-side boy surfing a 6’2” Twin Fin, so fast and blowing minds everywhere he surfs, Airs, Reverses, 360’s, Blazing cutbacks!

Inspirations:  My sons Kainalu and Kahea, my Mom and Dad, Jesus, Brandon McDonald (Australia), Ben Aipa, Albert Dove, Eric Arakawa, JC Hawaii, George Oberlian, George Greenough, Tom Morey, Daniel Bernoulli 1738, Whitcomb Area Rule, Ekstrom, Bob Simmons, John Elwell, Hydrodynamica, Carl Scharper, Tom Wegner, Daniel Thomson, Pastors Sam Webb, Fernando Castillo, Wayne Cordeiro, Joel Olsteen


Daisuke Kawauchi

Surfing for the first time at the age of seventeen Daisuke Kawauchi knew surfing would always be apart of his life. Within three years he was working at a Surfboard Factory in Japan learning surfboard repair, shaping, glassing, hot coating, and sanding. He continued to work hard at the factory for a decade, building and refining his skills.

His surfing soon brought him to the North Shore of Oahu for the winter season. Three years later he came back and stayed to continue his building his shaping experience.  He soon found himself at a surfboard repair shop in Honolulu sanding, glassing, and hot coating over 500 boards a week.

Today Daisuke is creating some amazing boards and has become a master at  sanding. Here at ordered a custom 5’9″ round tail five fin set up recently for a test and now ride it almost every day in country up to five feet.  We high recommend ordering at least one board, prices start as low as $380.00 for a new custom shaped board.Contact us with your order to get your new board started.

Our 5’9″ round tail, thanks Daisuke!


Joe DeMarco


A regular at Velzyland Joe DeMarco has been putting out some sick boards from a small undisclosed location on the north shore, everything from small wave fishes to epic big wave guns.  Through out the years Joe has shaped with such noted shapers as Mavericks pioneering big wave charger Jeff Clark and continues to build his shaping skills receiving feed back from team riders including north shore stand out Love Hodel.  Wanna check out DeMarco Surfboards just click on the logo below to see their gallery of surfboards.




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